Varun Thakkar Choose Sailing Over School And Relish Bronze At Asiad

KC Ganapathy and Varun Ashok Thakkar gave up their books and opted sailing instead. And after this, it did not go too long and both started writing their own scripts in the water. The young guys are feeling the pushed into sailing and for them this risk is ever worth taking.

Now, at this point of time, these guys don’t regret that they drop out of full time school. This is because, giving their spectacular performance, these guys climes the bronze medal at the ongoing Asian Games. By doing this they proved that their decision to leave the school and join sailing was writing.

Ganapathy and Thakkar were once the fierce rivals, but on Friday they joined forces to claim a bronze medal in 49er event. They finished in the third position with 43 net points. The interesting part is both were disqualified in the penultimate race (14th). However, when started and gained the pace, they hold their nerve and won the final race. Ganapathy was smiling ear to ear, poured even as Thakkar. He was in the controlling position in the race. He kept his emotions under control.

Thakkar said “In our junior days, we were competitors. But, today it is amazing to win this medal with this guy. We were rivals, but today we raced together and with the same spirit and claimed the medal”. Thakkar underwent a surgery to heal his dislocated shoulder a year before the Games.

After winning the race, Ganapathy said, “Since a long time, we are together. When I made up my mind to quit school, I was in class IX. I continued my education through the open education system. In my school, I was allowed to take 10 days leave in a year to pursue sailing and for sailing 10 days are nothing; it is a full time job. So, I decided to quit my school.” Ganapathy is now 22-year-old.

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