Migaloo – The Private Submersible Yacht

The migaloo submarines, those are based in Austria will engineer, design and create a private yacht that can be submerged both when cruising between destinations as well as when at the anchor. Dubbed ‘migaloo’, it is a concept design and it is a multi-story, which is submersible. It has eight VIP suites and a helipad.

There is an open room present on the yacht where the guests can dine al fresco, swim in pools. For the entertainment, there is personal movie theater present that can be used by the people to watch movies. The yacht has the efficiency to transform and it can take the people on the board down to 787 feet to explore the seascapes underwater.

The submersible yachts have taken the concept of privacy and with this new design; it wants to take it to a new level. As the yacht will descend to the seabed completely and it will be completely hidden from view. They are currently about to be rolled out by Kavas for Greek Island Yacht Charters. Continue Reading “Migaloo – The Private Submersible Yacht”