Junior Sailors Should have More Options

Along with many other goals, one objective of junior sailing programs (JSP) to keep the young sailors with them till the time, they develop an interest and a strong passion for the sailing sport as well as a strong personal desire of playing this sport. And it has been observed that, this usually doesn’t happen because, small children who take some interest in sailing are often asked to practice sailing for a long period of time, they are asked to spend more years in boats, which do not give the fun that they want and also a pressure to win come very early in them.

The present recipe of junior sailing is not apt for children and it is taking the kids out from sailing causing terrible retention rate.

The common one-handed entryway in the sport, with the continuous in the age at the time formal classes in sailing begins that is from 8 years present common 6, causes a number of young kids having frightening early experiences as well as they are spending long years in the same kind of boats.

The pressure to show a structure, the serious program, which brings out the best quality sailors reduces the fun factor involved in the sport. The pressure of racing sends a child to the regatta at the stage when they are too is too big to handle by them. Those kids who show that they have a “potential to become a good sailor” are sent into the race, very early and within the year.

It is also true that not every child sailor drops out from the sport because of this factor, and many will become Optimist sailors who will win Olympic in the future and will become world champions, however with the process we are losing many kids.

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