Junior Sailors Should have More Options

Along with many other goals, one objective of junior sailing programs (JSP) to keep the young sailors with them till the time, they develop an interest and a strong passion for the sailing sport as well as a strong personal desire of playing this sport. And it has been observed that, this usually doesn’t happen because, small children who take some interest in sailing are often asked to practice sailing for a long period of time, they are asked to spend more years in boats, which do not give the fun that they want and also a pressure to win come very early in them.

The present recipe of junior sailing is not apt for children and it is taking the kids out from sailing causing terrible retention rate.
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Varun Thakkar Choose Sailing Over School And Relish Bronze At Asiad

KC Ganapathy and Varun Ashok Thakkar gave up their books and opted sailing instead. And after this, it did not go too long and both started writing their own scripts in the water. The young guys are feeling the pushed into sailing and for them this risk is ever worth taking.

Now, at this point of time, these guys don’t regret that they drop out of full time school. This is because, giving their spectacular performance, these guys climes the bronze medal at the ongoing Asian Games. By doing this they proved that their decision to leave the school and join sailing was writing.
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Benefits Of Sailing Clubs In Sports National Grants

Among 1700 sports clubs, Irish Sailing clubs are one of them and receiving latest round of sports capital grants of €56m.

National Yacht Club in Dublin Bay Dun Laoghaire’s is the largest sailing club with €142,375 recipients and increasing more and more teenagers and women’s participation in the sport. Also the Irish National Sailing club which is the biggest sailing center receives €40,058 for purchasing and renewal of sailing equipment and for new boats.
The Royal St. George Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club, Royal Irish Yacht Club, Dublin Bay Sailing Club, Royal Cork Yacht Club receives different amounts for the dinghy renewal program, for purchase 5m RIB and capstan winch, for safety and support fleet, for supporting craft for teacher water sports.
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